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Top table arrangements

Jade, 22 February 2021 at 18:37 Posted on Wedding Planning 0 2
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Any advice on top table arrangements. I have my grandad (dad of bride) mother, her partner and maid of honour, however my partner has his mum, dad and both their partners and best man. Seems too many people of top table including us. Do we just have a top table of us two and create a separate table for the others . P.S everyone gets on well.

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    RomanticGreenStationery27135 ·
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    You could have a family-only top table with the bridesmaid and best man sitting elsewhere. Or have a top table with just the two of you. Or just have a big top table - there's no 'right' choice, just go with what works best for your venue and the people who are attending.

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  • Louise
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    We are only having about 20 people in the daytime so are just having one large oval table. No top table and separate tables. If we were going to have a top table I think it would just be us, our parents, best man and bridesmaids, all their partners /kids on a different table. How you arrange it will depend on how many people you have overall. Maybe speak to the venue to see what they can accommodate?
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