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Upset over photos

Sb463, 25 June 2021 at 15:51 Posted on Off Topic Posts 0 5
I got married 2 years ago and had the most wonderful day...however I cannot look at my wedding photos without crying.

They don't depict the day I remember and are so unflattering. Our photographer missed so many details, most of the bride's family, the first kiss, the rings, full length images of the dress...and the ones they did capture are blurred /grainy/out of focus of poorly angled. I'm devastated.
Ive already tried speaking to photographer with no luck....any advice?

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  • Emma
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    Emma ·
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    I’m not sure much can be done as it was 2 years ago.
    With the photos you do have, do you have the negatives? You could see if anyone could touch up the photos and make them less blurry etc.

    What were you hoping the photographer could do? Did you mention at the time to them that you weren’t happy?
    Did any guests get any photos you like? I know when my sister got married, she wasn’t impressed with her official photos and ended up making her own wedding album from photos that the guests took as these seemed to capture more money’s and were also more natural too.

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  • S
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    Sb463 ·
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    Hi Emma,

    Unfortunately no I don't have the negatives..only the jpeg which I'm not allowed to edit due to copyright. And stupidly I had a largely "unplugged" day as trusted my photographer to capture those special moments - my biggest regret. I mentioned how devastated I was at the time but to no joy - apparently this is the way the photographer works and they even deleted the photos that they didn't give to me shortly after the wedding.I would like to get the negatives so as you say I can try and edit them to try and rectify some of my day but I'm not having any luck.
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  • Marcie
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    What about recreating the day somewhere with nice grounds, put your wedding outfits on, ask family and friends to get dressed up or it could be just you and your husband. You could either have a photographer or just someone you know who is good at taking pictures to take some for you. I know someone who did this as their photos from the original day were shocking.
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  • Hayley
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    Hi, I am a photographer and I am looking to build a portfolio in wedding photography. If you are based in London or the South East of England and would be willing to recreate the day in some way (getting family together and wearing wedding attire) then I would be happy to take photos for free.

    I have never shot a wedding before, however, I do portraiture and my photos are never out of focus or blurry! You can view my instagrams @hayleysvenssonphotography and @photostakenbyhay.

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  • N
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    Nathalie ·
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    I think redoing it is a great idea - could make a lovely anniversary gift to yourselves! I’m sure it goes without saying given your experience, but do lots of research beforehand on what photographer you want to use and don’t be afraid to push the boat a little price wise. Instagram is a good place for finding photographers, for obvious reasons!
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