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Venue struggles for 2024!

Sasha, 15 January 2022 at 09:50 Posted on Planning 0 6
I'm really struggling to find a venue for 2024. We have agreed a summer wedding but for only 45 guests, however most venues are saying 80 - 100 minimum, we haven't got big families or hundreads of friends, I don't know where to start? Help please?! 馃檹 x

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Latest activity by Lucy, 19 January 2022 at 11:47
  • Charlotte
    Super April 2022 Wiltshire
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    I would Google small wedding venues for your area or use the word intimate. Maybe look at hotels that have rooms as they can often cater in different rooms for different party sizes
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  • F
    Beginner December 2021 Derbyshire
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    Hello, I鈥檓 not sure where abouts your based but cowlick hall does small weddings at a really good price too! I think it鈥檚 around 拢7000 which includes food and drink 鈽猴笍 They are based in Nottinghamshire
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  • Amber
    Savvy November 2022 West Yorkshire
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    Have you looked at doing it midweek?
    Our venue is minimum 80 on weekends but mid week the minimum is 25. X
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  • R
    Super July 2020 Monmouthshire
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    Check out local pubs and hotels - we found 'wedding venues' tended to either be huge or for about 6 people only (also very expensive and inflexible on packages) but we found several lovely country pubs that regularly did weddings, they just didn't bill themselves as 'wedding venues'.

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  • Anna
    Beginner August 2023 Kent
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    I had this problem but if you ask the venues sometimes they accept small weddings, my venue said minimum 60 but we only had 30 guests and the price was cheaper they can accommodate for you if you ask
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  • Lucy
    Curious April 2023 Warwickshire
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    As what a few people have said i think smaller hotels ot pubs may be the way forward however, if your willIng for a more diy wedding village halls may be an option as they would not have a minimum. I guess it depends on the type of wedding you want. Quite a few packages have minimum amount of people especially at weekends or in high season.
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