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Beginner June 2024 South West London

Website won't display or save the background photo on front page - any help please?

Elizabeth, 16 of April of 2024 at 18:57 Posted on Feedback to Hitched 0 2

I am in despair with Hitched. Really basic problem for which I need technical support and all I can find is to post here in the hope that somebody might be able to help.

I'm using a free Hitched website. I have a photo of the wedding venue that I want to use at the top of the front page. I keep uploading it and saving it but as soon as I navigate away from the front page it disappears. If I return to the front page there is simply blank space where the photo ought to be.

I have replaced the photo at the bottom of the page and that is still saved so I cannot work out why it isn't saving the top one.

Can anyone help? Does Hitched have a tech team who might be able to advise?

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Latest activity by Homed11112, 25 of April of 2024 at 08:31
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    Beginner November 2024 Wiltshire
    Rene ·
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    I'm having the same problem. You press save and then when you go back to the page, the photo is gone. Hope this gets resolved soon!

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    Beginner June 2024 South West London
    Elizabeth ·
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    I did eventually find a fix for the problem that I was having. Turns out that the photo has to be the right size for the frame.

    It has to be maximum 1440 x 840 pixels.

    I'm on a Mac so I used Preview to open up the picture and crop it to roughly the right size. Then when I uploaded it it has stayed put on the site.

    I don't know what you'd use on a PC. Paint or something?

    Hope that might resolve your problem too.

    Meanwhile when my wedding is over I'm going to build a website that answers all the problems people have with designing their Hitched website. Otherwise you're just left hanging.

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