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Shelley, 23 November 2021 at 19:00 Posted on Planning 0 8

Hi all,

We've only been engaged for a month with a wedding date of August 2023. Thinking we had a lot of time to plan and get organised we went to a wedding fair to hear that couple have started booking venues, photographers etc already.

What is a realistic budget for a wedding of 80ish people?

Thanks in advance

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  • Charlotte
    Expert April 2022 Wiltshire
    Charlotte ·
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    It really depends on what venue you want. If you want an all in place with meal and evening food you are looking at anywhere between 7 and 10k. Then you need to add dressmsuita, photographer, flowers, hare and mak up and the odds and sods so around 15-20k. But you can save by cutting thinks out like floral decor, cars, favours and buying cheaper suits etc. I would suggest making a list of all the things you want then researching suppliers in your area to get ideas of costs and see whay3it comes out at. You can then work backwards and look at where you can cut things out or DIY. Hotels are good as they are not a wedding venue as such so often cheaper than hiring a designated wedding venue as the space is there but not their main revenue generator, so often have a low or no rental fee just catering and drink costs. Or look at community centres and self cater/food trucks and providing your own drinks as this can work out much much cheaper but is a lot of work. You need to set a realistic budget you are comfortable with and then assign an amount to each part of the day and work out what you can afford. Is hard and only you can decide how much you want to spend. For context we are having 55 day and 135 eve guests and our hotel catering and venue space is 6k our total budget is 12k and we are having bridal flowers only, no cars and a friend doing our cake and favours. We are paying for groomsmen and Bridesmaid dresses and our outfits which was 1200. Good Luck x
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  • L
    Savvy June 2019
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    We had around 80 people and spent about £16,000. We got married on a Saturday in Edinburgh. It was June and we got married in our parish church and had our reception at a hotel in the Grassmarket which sits right below Edinburgh castle. The floor where you have your wedding breakfast has a small terrace with amazing views of the castle and you can have photos taken there with the castle in the background. A lot of it will depend on what day of the week you choose to get married and where you choose to get married. Some venues will say if you have X number of people then we will provide xyz and it may work out cheaper.
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  • Teri
    Curious November 2023 Devon
    Teri ·
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    No matter where you decide to have it please get booking straight away! We booked ours in October and the wedding isn't until November 23! I worried we were getting things booked too soon but venues and photographers get booked so quickly so I would suggest getting on it once you have your budget. It also gives us a lot of time to save up because it really isn't cheap getting married (even though I've been savvy and cut back on a lot!) ❤
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  • K
    Curious August 2022 West Yorkshire
    Kim ·
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    It really depends on what ur wanting we are getting married in august with 80 guest and in total we have spent £2800
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  • Hayley
    Dedicated September 2022 Norfolk
    Hayley ·
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    I think because of the bumper year there is going to be next year with weddings, couples are already booking for 2023.
    Price wise, it really depends what you go for. We thought we would save by hosting the reception on my parents' land, but this has not worked out cheaper re venue as marquee, generator and toilets add up. However, if you choose somewhere where they don't have set catering then you should be able to save there. Like someone said, food trucks are great. Also, having a midweek wedding would bring the cost down and you'd likely have more choice of suppliers. August is the busiest month for weddings so get looking around and secure a venue. Photographer, food and flowers are the next biggest costs. Oh and outfits!
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  • Lucy
    Beginner April 2023 Warwickshire
    Lucy ·
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    We are in a very similar situation and was hoping to do it a bit.on a budget but realised everything is so expensive and prices have gone up. A lot of places were charging like 6,000 just for the venue and then you have to use their catering. So we've decided to do a church and a village hall, which will mean DIY wedding but it means we can do it our own way and the food we want. So I think it is what you want. The month and day does impact on prices for package weddings. I have started a list to compare suppliers for different things such as photographers. Just so I understand the average cost etc and what they offer, their style etc. We got engaged at the end of October and looking at April 2023, it does feel weird how quickly we've felt we've had to start looking.
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  • Ana
    Beginner May 2022 Norfolk
    Ana ·
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    Congratulations on your engagement 😊👏🏻👏🏻 it all depends what type of venue you will choose, dress, photographer, cake, and so on.
    I'm getting married in May 2022 and I'm trying to not spend a lot but its an impossible task 😖😖, so far we spent nearly 2k just on register, cake, invitations and venue deposit, and this venue was the most cheapest I could find, but i will definitely spend 8K on total. I think due the pandemic and people not able to open their business, their prices went up to the roof this year.
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  • Kelly
    Curious July 2023 Lincolnshire
    Kelly ·
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    We're having a twighlight wedding with 120 guests- Ceremony in the evening, drinks and wood fired pizza followed by DJ, and doing it on a Thursday. This has meant we can have our dream venue for £8000. By not having the wedding breakfast, we saved a fortune! I've bought table decs second hand which I can sell after and doing flowers myself.
    It all depends on what you want, what type of venue you want and what compromises you're willing to make. We'd looked at the village club which is a bit dated - to make it look nice would've cost a fortune! Also, bear in mind that using the same venue for ceremony, reception, food etc means that should covid rear its ugly head, you haven't got to rearrange multiple suppliers x
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