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Beginner September 2023 North London

Wedding gifts

Stacey, 31 of July of 2023 at 23:54 Posted on Etiquette and Advice 1 2
Hi all,

Quick question on wedding gifts. We would really just like contributions to our honeymoon but it's not ideal really to have cash in cards. Has anyone got any ideas on how to digitalise it in a polite way that isn't 'here's our bank details '?!
Thank you!

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Latest activity by Laurie, 5 of September of 2023 at 23:07
  • Sarah
    Rockstar August 2024 Warwickshire
    Sarah ·
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    Your presence at our wedding is more important to us than a gift,
    however if you would like to help contribute
    some money towards our honeymoon,
    this would really make our day.

    Your presence is present enough, but if you would like to buy us a gift,
    a contribution towards our honeymoon would we really appreciated
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  • Laurie
    Savvy May 2024 Lothian & Borders
    Laurie ·
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    Hi - Have you thought about using Prezola? They have a 'honeymoon' fund option on there as well as your more traditional gifts. People can then give cash through them and it will be transferred to you. It also means you can select things to go on your honeymoon gift list so people can feel like they are giving you a specialised thing for your honeymoon e.g. an activity, room upgrade, special meal

    They do obviously take some money for processing fees, but it might be something that works for you.

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