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Curious October 2025 Somerset

Wedding invites

Kristina, 15 of May of 2024 at 15:22 Posted on Planning 0 4
Hello everyone.
I am just designing wedding invitations but ... what needs to be included? Location, date , time . Menu ? Directions ? Accommodation options? I am very confused at the moment 🤕 and worry I might miss something . Thank you 😊

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Latest activity by Louise, 23 of May of 2024 at 20:04
  • Zoë
    Savvy August 2024 West Sussex
    Zoë ·
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    Ooh! that's exciting. One of my favourite parts of planning was designing our invitations.

    In ours, we had:

    Invite - Hosting couple (my parents), our names, name of church, date, time and afternoon tea reception to follow

    Venue cards - Addresses of the church and golf club, plus information about the parking situation for both, as well as description of local public transport stations

    Hotel list - Hotels in the local area with a range of prices (for out of town guests)

    Taxi firm list and numbers

    Card concerning an unplugged ceremony (we want our photographer to take photos rather than our guests)

    Card with our contact details on

    RSVP - Box for guests to complete their name, box for dietary requirements/allergies and tick options for acceptance or decline

    We also included a Song request card so that guests could listen to a song of their choice throughout our afternoon tea reception (we aren't having a DJ, we're making our own playlist)

    BIGGEST TIP I can give you is to number your invites and record somewhere which number relates to which guest as sometimes they don't write their names on the RSVPs and this really helped us to manage our guest list.

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  • R
    VIP July 2020 Monmouthshire
    RomanticGreenStationery27135 ·
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    We had date, time and venue on our actual invites, along with RSVP date and address.

    Along with the formal invite, we included a separate A4 piece of paper that included all the other relevant details such as travel advice, menu choice, how to notify of dietary requirements etc.

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  • Janet
    Curious November 2024 Central & Glasgow
    Janet ·
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    I created a website on here (Hitched ) which includes all of the relevant information, timings, Google map - location of hotel, booking of hotel, RSVP with menu options , a page fir questions and all other info that I thought they might need.

    My invitations were very simple and included date , time, venue and the website address to RSVP. Made them cheaper too.

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  • Louise
    Beginner October 2025 Hampshire
    Louise ·
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    I am just making outs as well and i have made a website for the bulk of the info so i included our names, date & times and location and provided a link to the website for further info and to rsvp

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