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Newbie Bride September 2021 Staffordshire

Wedding September 2021

Hollie, 17 February 2021 at 09:35 Posted on Wedding Planning 0 8
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Hello lovelies!

I just wanted some fellow opinions - I am desperate to be Mrs Turner now, and after cancelling our May wedding abroad, we're compromising and trying to plan a wedding here in the UK. We already have the venue, dress, suit, rings etc, so will just be a case of securing the date and inviting the guests!

Are there any others planning a wedding for September/October time? How do you feel about it? Am I being too optimistic to even think about planning it? Ideally I want our families and close friends, which adds to 60 guests, however this will of course depend on the situation at the time.

Thank you!

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Latest activity by Farmerswifetobe, 21 February 2021 at 12:35
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    Newbie Bride September 2021 Argyll
    Farmerswifetobe ·
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    Hey! We are getting married on 4th September, it’s our original date, and when we planned it in July last year it seemed likely that things would be much more normal, but now I’m not so sure. I can deal with smaller numbers (although it’s obviously sad not to have the day we originally planned!) but it’s hard to imagine with other restrictions like not being able to hug people, or having to wear masks all the time. I’m not sure at which point it stops being the reception we want, and that we just cancel that part or have a small meal with a party later when things are more normal.

    We are holding out to see what the route map looks like, and how Scotland follows - we will go ahead and get married on 4th anyway, but not sure how we’ll deal with the reception. What are you thinking? Xx
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  • Hollie
    Newbie Bride September 2021 Staffordshire
    Hollie Online ·
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    Snap, we are hoping for the 4th September too! Well due to originally going abroad, we were going to have a party when we got back - we booked a village hall, which is actually beautiful so instead of losing the deposit we're going to try and get married there. At the moment I have a list of 60 guests, however I'm going to make a few back up lists should that one not go ahead.

    We are only planning a buffet, perhaps a hog roast, but again this all depends. We are looking at having a celebrant rather than a registrar, simply because we want the day personal to us and not completely scripted (it also works out cheaper), and then just sneak to the registry office a few days before/after.

    No matter what happens, we're getting married before the year is out, and I will just plan the reception around what restrictions are in place. If I can't have the amount I wanted (originally 160+), then I will just organise a party in 2022 - any excuse to wear my dress twice!

    Fingers crossed it goes ahead for the both of us Smiley smile xx

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    Newbie Bride September 2021 South East London
    Rosie ·
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    Hi, also planning to get married September 2021. Started wedding planning early 2020 but didn't get far and all got put on hold with the uncertainty and all venues being shut. We managed to look at venues in the summer, and after going round in circles for many months, looking at options for 15, 30 and 160 people weddings etc we finally took a leap of and booked it last month! We've been together over 10 years so didn't want to keep waiting around. I'm hopeful that some form of wedding will be able to happen by then, but we're holding out on sending invites or booking suppliers until we have a better idea of what any limits on numbers might be.

    The ceremony venue would probably work for any number, and the reception venue has options for a 30ish person meal or a full blown 80 day/150 person evening celebration depending what the rules are at the time. if it's 15 again then we'd probably take a hit on the reception venue deposit and book a meal at a nice restaurant somewhere after the ceremony and have another celebration a couple of years down the line when things are more 'normal'.

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  • HappyPinkHair15172
    Dedicated Bride September 2021 Merseyside
    HappyPinkHair15172 ·
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    Hi All.

    We should have been married last September, postponed to this, and now in the process of postponing by another 12 months. Just don't see the point of paying for a wedding which won't be as we planned, and half our family can't attend.

    Feeling pretty low today, but also a bit relieved that we can put it all on a back burner for a bit longer.

    We're both in our 50's so no urgency for us to marry other than my OH's parents are in their mid 80s. Just feeling really disappointed, and anxious that if we go ahead and postpone again, will we regret it? Would also be devastated if we postpone now and we could have gone ahead as planned in September.

    We need to juggle a separate ceremony and reception venue, and the bloody Registrars, too! ARGHHHHHH!

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    Newbie Bride September 2021 Oxfordshire
    Happyorangeconfetti19696 ·
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    3rd September here! My answer changes every day, some days are more positive than others regarding whether it will go ahead. Hopefully we will all know more when the roadmap is revealed. We will be making our decision the end of Feb to postpone, as we don't want to proceed with any restrictions and really need to start planning with our guests, we don't want to leave stags/hens last minute or families coming from abroad.
    If it can go ahead in September I think it'll be one great party to not only celebrate the day but also an ultimate get-together after all this time so I'm still holding out hope!
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  • L
    Newbie Bride August 2021
    LuxuriousGoldDecor75799 ·
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    Hi there. Im hoping for 3rd Sept 2021. Around 60 guests but really want the whole experience with dancing etc. It's a large venue so plenty of space but who knows. Will watch this space over next few weeks-especially Monday! Engaged and booked before the pandemic (beg 2020). Seemed like a long way off and didnt expect to be in this situation. So sad Smiley sad

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  • Fab
    Newbie Bride September 2021 Surrey
    Fab ·
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    September 1st here! We are actually legally getting married the week before, so we are toying with two options - doing something uber intimate with 15 people max in August and “celebrate” the following year by postponing the reception or just adapting the 1st September ceremony with the celebrant and keep the “big day” on the 1st

    Honestly, depends on what things will hopefully look like after Monday. We do not have 100s guests, but a small portion (including my mum and brother) would come from Italy so we are trying to be open and keep comms open with everyone. Since we booked during the pandemic we genuinely only booked the bare minimum - read food, photographer, venue - to make our lives easier. Oh and the dress too, arrived at the in-laws this week. I should disclaim I was never even dreaming of getting married, so my expectations are very relaxed, compared to other people!
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  • Hollie
    Newbie Bride September 2021 Staffordshire
    Hollie Online ·
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    Thank you all for your replies and views, it means a lot! I dont feel so alone in this anymore!

    I can only hope that Monday brings us all good news for our September weddings - at this point, even if I can only have 15 guests, I will just have a bigger party next year! But I have hope that something good with come out of this year, especially if they now want all adults offered the vaccine by end of July!

    Don't give up hope yet ladies, we still may get our perfect weddings days yet!

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