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Beginner September 2024 Essex

Wedding venues

Iwuagwu, 26 of November of 2023 at 18:50 Posted on Planning 0 2
Hi all,
Can anyone recommend affordable venues for 150-200 people in Essex ? It’s so hard finding an affordable venue . I’m super stressed. If I can’t find a venue will I be able to plan a wedding?

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Latest activity by Ivana, 17 of December of 2023 at 13:29
  • Grace
    Beginner May 2024 Essex
    Grace ·
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    I think the first and most important question you need to ask yourself is what is your budget? Once you know the answer to this question you can work out how much of your budget you can ideally put towards the venue, which is where the biggest chunk of your budget will go!

    The second question is what sort of venue you are after? Depending on what style you are going for will also affect the likelihood or more more or less expensive venue! i.e. if you are going for something classic then the "mansion house-type" venues will probably be a tad more expensive than if you were going for something a bit more rustic and having it in a converted barn.

    Something else to note is you generally could find a venue within your budget but the real expense will be in the food! I'm paying approx. £140 per head for our wedding breakfast!

    Lots to consider I know, but once you have these questions answered, it definitely helps narrow down some venues!

    Hope this helps! And congratulations!!! Smiley smile

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  • Iwuagwu
    Beginner September 2024 Essex
    Iwuagwu ·
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    Right thank you so much . Yeah I know food is so expensive
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