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Beginner August 2024 Staffordshire


Dawn, 7 of April of 2024 at 07:38 Posted on Feedback to Hitched 0 3
Hi all
does this actually work or are people getting a proper camera man

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Latest activity by Jen, 12 of April of 2024 at 21:26
  • Hampshire Wedding Photographer
    Hampshire Wedding Photographer ·
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    Hello Dawn. Wedshoot all depends on your guests participation during your wedding day. One example is that some people don't want to get their phones out during the actual ceremony, resulting in lack of photographs and if they do take photos you'll only be getting them from your guests perspective (sitting down, etc). It's a good idea to have it alongside a photographer, so even if you guests don't upload then you'll still have some photographs. I wouldn't personally replace a wedding photographer with Wedshoot and most photographers hand over a personal online gallery similar to Wedshoot. Hope that helps?

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  • R
    VIP July 2020 Monmouthshire
    RomanticGreenStationery27135 ·
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    I wouldn't rely on it. There's a real risk you could miss out on some key moments because none of your guests get any photos of that moment. Or you could find that the only shots you have are blurry, grainy or poorly framed because the people who took them are not very good at taking pictures. Also, when you walking down the aisle or saying your vows, the last thing you want is to have guests running round or climbing on chairs trying to take photos when you want to focus on those moments. Much better to have one professional getting these pics (who should be used to doing it fairly unobtrusively anyway) than loads of guests getting in each others' way!

    Apart from your rings and certificate, your photos are the only things you get to keep from your wedding day anyways, so it seems daft to splash out on everything else and economise on this. If you're worried about costs, you could see if you can find a photographer who will do a half day, so at least you get professional shots of the ceremony and immediate post-ceremony time (you're more likely to get someone offering a half day if you marry midweek or out of season).

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  • Jen
    Beginner April 2025 Norfolk
    Jen ·
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    We're trying to get it to work. The QR code is generated via our hitched website, its coming up with an unknown URL. Thought it would be good for our reception.
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