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Jade, 1 June 2021 at 23:26 Posted on Wedding Planning 0 11
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Hi all,

Just wondered how people felt was an acceptable amount of drinks to provide for their guests? We absolutely can not afford a free bar. We have a large family and friends and currently have a very minimum and strict guest list of 75 In the day and 130 evening guests. At the moment we have chosen a welcome mimosa, a glass of wine with the wedding breakfast, sparkling wine to toast, a three course wedding breakfast with coffee and street food fish and chips in the evening. It currently works out at around £102 pp for the day. I personally we should upgrade to half a bottle of wine each and a champagne To toast which makes it around £111 each. My partner says this is too much.
What do people expect at a wedding?

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  • Kayleigh
    Dedicated Bride October 2023 Bristol
    Kayleigh ·
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    I'm paying for reception drinks and a drink with the wedding breakfast; if we have money left in the budget, I may put some money behind the bar but I won't be paying anymore than that. X
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  • Marcie
    Savvy Bride August 2021 Bristol
    Marcie ·
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    We got our venue to take off the drinks package and we are paying corkage instead. We are providing 3 welcome drinks per person, half a bottle of wine each plus one glass of fizz for the toast.
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  • N
    Savvy Bride May 2022 Somerset
    Nathalie ·
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    Half a bottle per person for a sit down meal is pretty standard - depending on how large the glass measures are (and assuming they’re a regular 175ml) that generally wouldn’t be quite enough
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  • Arrietty
    Dedicated Bride March 2023 Lothian & Borders
    Arrietty ·
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    The package I have includes a welcome drink after the ceremony, bottles of wine with the meal and a glass of sparkling wine for the toasts. I figure that's plenty as it seems to be standard with a lot of venues, and the bar will be open if people want to get other drinks.

    Also to add but in my experience most people don't seem to like champagne either, it's overpriced for what is essentially just wine from a particular region.

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  • H
    Savvy Bride
    HappyBrownCars12359 ·
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    We have gone for a fairly standard package too - welcome drink of pimms / beer / elderflower presse, then at the meal half a bottle of wine per person, (mixed white and red) and a glass of prosecco for speeches. At every wedding I've been to this is what I would expect but have never minded when it's been less (and been very happy when it's a full free bar hahaha!)

    I think half a bottle per person is safer if you can afford to upgrade, as people will pour themselves large glasses of wine! I think sparkling wine / cava / prosecco is fine for speeches, it's there for a gesture and some people won't drink it at all.

    If we have some extra money saved we might put some extra behind the bar but know it still won't go far!

    Think your fish and chips for the evening sounds fab x

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  • Brigita
    Newbie Bride July 2021 Central London
    Brigita ·
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    We are having a really small wedding just 30 guests. Our guest by catering is getting a welcome drink, half bottle of wine and prosecco for a toast. But half of our guest are not drinking so we asked some of it be non-alcoholic wines and beers. Plus just in case we are putting just about 100-150 for open bar. 😊
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  • C
    Newbie Bride September 2022 South West London
    Cara ·
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    In my opinion you’ve got to do half a bottle pp with dinner, I used to be a wedding planner and there’s a reason it’s the standard amount, even if your guests aren’t big drinkers one glass isn’t really enough. Good luck!
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  • J
    Newbie Bride May 2022 Derbyshire
    Jade ·
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    Thank you all! 🥰
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  • H
    Curious Bride May 2022
    HappyGoldBridesmaid18836 ·
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    We’re having prosecco for a welcome drink and the toast. We’re only providing a glass of wine per person for the meal as we’re having an afternoon tea and the package comes with tea and coffee for guests. If we have room in the budget then we’ll upgrade to half a bottle each.
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  • Yorkshirelass
    Dedicated Bride July 2022 Surrey
    Yorkshirelass ·
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    The standard is half a bottle of wine per person for the meal and a welcome drink and a toast drink. Most weddings I have been to are like this and then guests are expected to pay for their own drinks on the evening. I’ve only been to one wedding where there was a free bar and it was at someone’s family house in the south of France! Was amazing but that is not the norm😂
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  • R
    Newbie Groom May 2022 Berkshire
    Richard ·
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    In my head, id expect half a bottle if going to a wedding. Id feel tight not offering it, but my bank account might disagree
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