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i like a similar to dress to what my friend wore

Onnie96, 10 October 2021 at 16:51 Posted on Planning 0 7
I have fallen in love with a dress, it ticks every box I wanted it to and we are changing a few things to make it everything I wanted. However, I have realised it is very similar to the dress my friend wore to her wedding in the Summer. It’s not overly out there, it’s just that it’s the transparent ‘v’ which is incredibly on trend at the moment and off the shoulder. I don’t want to feel like I am wearing my friends wedding dress, or worry that she or friends will think ‘isn’t that the same dress’ (even though the fabric, print etc is completely different, it’s just the style that is the same). I am anxious over everything to do with the wedding so this is just another thing but I really need to shake it. Can someone be annoyed at you for wearing a similar dress? Will people care? People will comment I’m sure

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  • Hayley
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    Are you able to have a chat with your friend and share the dress you have in mind to find out if it would bother her?
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  • M
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    This is a really hard one but like hayley said best thing to do is speak to your friend and see what she says to be honest if its just same shape and everything else is different i dont think she should mind x💗
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  • Sarah
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    I had something similar. My friend got married 3 years ago and it had become a distant memory. I always thought a particular style of dress would suit me but when I went dress shopping turns out it didn't! I bought my wedding dress which is a beautiful princess gown with the organza ruffle type skirt, it was only when I was looking through her wedding photos as we are having the same photographer (he is a mutual friend) that I realised the skirt is very similar. The top part different and to be fair my skirt has some flower detailing stitched in however I did worry Smiley surprise but now the more I think about it the more I am happy with my decision as they are not exactly the same and lets be honest a lot of wedding dresses can look similar in some parts.

    You are getting married Nov next year? I'm sure enough time will have passed for no-one to realise. Also another thing I have noticed is dresses look completely different on the peg AND on different women so it may look even more different on you Smiley love x

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  • R
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    Have you actually bought the dress? If you haven't, then showing her a picture of it and asking if she minds might be the best way to give you peace of mind about this. But if you've already bought the dress then I wouldn't say anything - because if she says 'yes, it is too similar and I'd rather you didn't wear it', then what are you going to do?!!

    There is enough of a timelapse between the two weddings for memories of her dress to have faded in the minds of any mutual guests, and if she is a good friend, she shouldn't mind any similarity anyway. To be honest, I wouldn't care if a friend turned up in the identical dress to the one I had - the same dress looks totally different on different people.

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  • Mrswdesig
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    Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it. Unless it is something really "out there" wedding dresses are hardly revolutionary - there are a finite number of normal styles so very few of us get a dress that is really unique compared to anyone elses. If you want to differentiate, maybe have your hair different (if she wore up, go down or half up, get a different style of veil if your having one). I expect she won't even think about it.
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  • Charlotte
    Expert April 2022 Wiltshire
    Charlotte Online ·
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    I am sure no one will worry about it. if you love it then go for it, people may compare but all that matters is how you feel. as others have said, the style will look different on different people.

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  • Victoria
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    Victoria ·
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    I recently went wedding dress shopping with my friend who got married a couple of years ago… she was picking out dresses similar to hers for me to try on….. (they didn’t suit me)…. Because in her head that is what a beautiful wedding dress looks like.
    Speak to your friend, I’m sure she won’t mind and it will set your mind at ease! Good luck
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