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Rebecca, 31 March 2022 at 23:39 Posted on Planning 0 5
Any brides for July I would like go wedding dress shopping I am a size 18 ISH馃ぃ but I don't know if I should try lose a fe lbs first or are bridal shops quite well stocked with larger sizes? I don't want come away feeling deflated x

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Latest activity by Rebecca, 4 April 2022 at 10:27
  • Haz
    Dedicated September 2022 Staffordshire
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    Hi, I'm about the same size as you and I am trying to lose some weight before my first fitting in July. I already have my dress as it was a sample.

    It depends how much you are planning to lose and where you are shopping. Bridal boutiques can take up to a year to order your dress in so it certainly isn't too early, but if you lose a lot of weight then you may decide that a different style suits you better. So if it's just a few pounds then I would say go for it. If you plan on losing more then set yourself a target and start looking then.

    It might be worth asking when you make an appointment, how many larger sample dresses they stock. Don't pay too much attention to the sizes, bridal sizes are really small. Mine is a 22. But they are so flattering when you find the right one that you are sure to find one that makes you feel amazing.Good luck.
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  • Michelle
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    Michelle Online
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    Hi im a size 18 to 20 this has put me of going to bridal shops even though alot of bridal shops do have bigger sizes so i ordered my dress online but it needs altering i would say its upto you about losing the wieight if you are not happy with your size but the dresses in bridal shops will be very flattering once you have picked your 馃憲 and it has been fitted to your body shape xx But also remember your partner loves you for you no matter what size you are xx馃挆
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  • L
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    I ended up going to a plus size wedding dress shop and ended up with a dress in a size 24. Wedding dress sizes don鈥檛 necessarily match real sizes as I was a 20/22 at the time. The shop had dresses from a size 16 up and loads I could try on.

    I had an awful experience in another dress shop I tried first. Despite advertising themselves as a shop that also stocked plus size they only had a handful of plus size dresses and whilst they could get other dresses in plus size I would have to order it first without knowing what it would look like.
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  • Sin茅ad
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    I'm the same size as you. I'm getting married October this year. I bought my dress last year of the rack. The dress I fell in love with happen to be on sale so I snapped it up 馃ぃ.
    My advice is to tell the boutique when booking your appointment your size so they can be prepared. That what I did. Most of the dress were too big when I tried them on. The one I bought is a few sizes to big so I'll be taking it in. I started slimming down and have lost a stone! My first fitting is July and I can't wait! Good luck and enjoy it's a nice day out 馃檪
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  • R
    Beginner July 2023 Cheshire
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    Thanks everyone I am looking forward to dress shopping soon 鉂わ笍
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