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Lack of guests

Rachael, 21 May 2022 at 14:54 Posted on Planning 0 8
Anyone had not many people too invite? Usually people are cutting down guest numbers for money reasons, but I'm actually struggling to populate a guest list, with a small family and not really any friends, I've no one to be a bridesmaid, and only really parents, grandparent and a couple of cousins to invite. My other half has a larger family so it's mainly going to be his side plus his friends that come, but I almost feel embarrassed to invite anyone at all seeing as I don't have any friends really only other mother's I met through my child ... I'm not sure the point of the post but I'm feeling sorry for myself

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Latest activity by Debbie, 24 May 2022 at 12:40
  • Becky
    Savvy April 2023 West Yorkshire
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    I'm sorry you're feeling that way. If it makes you feel better I'm the same way. Sometimes I wonder how people have so many friends but I struggle to count on both hands. It also doesn't help when you see post about it on here when people are seemingly having trouble getting shot of people. So I totally get it. Just remember that the people going to your wedding love you and the fact you have a small list just means you have more meaningful relationships with those few - quality over quantity so to speak! I'm almost certain that a lot of people invite irrelevant people to boost numbers when a small guest list is perfectly great! Why do we feel the need to showoff in front of people when we can spend the time with the genuine ones we love and who care about you! I'd rather spend this important time with those few than with a roomful of acquaintances.
    Hopefully this helps but overall just remember that you are not the only one thinking this x
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  • Sarah
    Rockstar June 2023 Worcestershire
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    Hi Rachel, sorry you feel this way 馃槙. Like Becky said i don't think you are the only one if it makes you feel better. I have only 1 friend and other than her i only have my parents, my sister & my nephew, i too am aware that out of our 45 guests only 5 are mine & i'm really hoping my one friend doesn't decline (she will have a 1 year old by then).

    Just remember the day is for you and your partner to celebrate being together, i'm sure the lack of guests will be the last thing on your mind on the day xx
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  • Ostira
    Dedicated October 2023 Durham
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    I鈥檓 sorry you鈥檙e feeling this way. My situation is similar with my side having more guests than my fianc茅s and didn鈥檛 want it uneven or inviting people we didn鈥檛 particularly want there so in the end have decided to elope and notify everyone afterwards! (Everyone knows we are engaged) it鈥檚 just easier for us and it saves the stress (and money!)
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  • M
    VIP July 2023 Cheshire
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    Im sorry you feel like this my partner has a small family mine is really big on my side there would probaly be over 200 on his about 10 plus i dont have a lot of close friends this is one reason we are doing it without family dont feel to down the people you have there are all that mattet not how many you have xx馃挆 also the less guest you have you will have more time to spedk to everyone x馃挆 my plans havent gone down well x馃挆
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  • J
    Beginner May 2023 Devon
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    I completely understand this as I鈥檓 in the same. My partner has more friends that would be coming than any of mine but then I have more family. We are getting married aboard which I have kinda used as excuse to not invite lots of people anyway. Mainly Cz I don鈥檛 have many friends at all. Agree with everyone else comments too. Also was going to say about eloping it鈥檚 becoming more of a thing seen lots of people doing it this way so maybe that an option. But in the most of all of this. Just remember to enjoy ur beautiful day regardless of who is or isn鈥檛 there xxx
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  • T
    Beginner January 2024 Dorset
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    Sorry you feel like that it鈥檚 your day and you want it to be special. I鈥檓 in the same boat l don鈥檛 have many friends just work mates. When l did the school run most people didn鈥檛 talk so was always on the out side of everything. So l will be keeping the day as a quite one just family and some work mates. Xx
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  • Jacqui
    Curious August 2022 Gloucestershire
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    I'm the same I have 6 guests that are my guests and then the rest is my partners. The way I looked at it is that I don't have many friends as the ones I do have are real friends and will always be there for me Smiley smile
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  • D
    Beginner June 2023 Kent
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    I feel guests are the trickiest part of any wedding to get right.
    Remember it鈥檚 a day for both of you to have happy memories and to be filled with your love.
    If you鈥檙e lacking in guests, how about looking at an Elope wedding. Only the most essential guests would be included or you could go for a Twilight wedding鈥.again less guests. Big isn鈥檛 always better鈥..intimate weddings are much more personal 馃グ
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