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Looking for inspiration for your wedding look? Here we talk about wedding dresses, wedding suits, tuxedos, shoes, veils, accessories, jewellery... so you can find the perfect outfit that makes you feel and look your very best.



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Katy, 11 of January of 2024 at 11:23

Hi Katy Boyle

Katy, thursday 11-Jan-24 10
Alternative Wedding Dresses
Lucy, 10 of January of 2024 at 16:44

I am getting married for the second time and in my mind 40's. I fancy going different to the big white dress I had last time and am contemplating something tea dress style, in pale florals from...

Lucy, wednesday 10-Jan-24 33
Alternative Wedding Dress
Lucy, 10 of January of 2024 at 13:58

Hi all I'm looking for something a bit different. It's my second time round, I'm mid 40's and I'm not sure I want the big white dress again. I'm based bang in the middle of the country between Derby,...

Lucy, wednesday 10-Jan-24 13
Aimee, 5 of January of 2024 at 23:47

Hi all, I need some advice. I am only having two bridesmaids - my sister and my fiancé's sister. They are the same size / height / age. However, both have totally different features, my sister is dark...

SunnyPurpleFlowers85, wednesday 10-Jan-24 1 37
Mother of the Bride/groom outfits
Laurie, 4 of December of 2023 at 20:37

Hello, I'm getting married in May 2024, and though I've got my dress and I've ordered bridesmaids dresses, we are struggling to find an outfit for my mum to wear. With so many high street stores...

Shanaide, monday 8-Jan-24 3 220
Multiway Bridesmaid Dresses
Joanna, 6 of January of 2024 at 10:30

Hi all! I was wondering if anyone could recommend any websites for good quality multiway bridesmaid dresses? Also, if they offer child sizes too, my niece will be 11 and would love her to match if...

Olivia, monday 8-Jan-24 1 22
Disabled bride
Emily, 23 of August of 2023 at 12:08

I am getting married October 2025 and I can’t wait I’m so excited about everything but this one thing I think I should be most excited about, going dress shopping. I became paralysed from the waist...

Laurie, saturday 6-Jan-24 4 121
Adding full sleeves to a strapless dress
Natalie, 5 of January of 2024 at 16:46

I bought my dress in November and I’m going in for a fitting in a couple of weeks. The shop can do any alterations as they design all of the dresses. Caught up in the magical moment I went for a...

Natalie, friday 5-Jan-24 14
Model Chic Infinity Dresses
Jenna, 13 of September of 2023 at 18:04

I am looking for the classic multiway dresses for my bridesmaids. I have found the perfect colour on Model Chic, and it helps that they are relatively cheap also. It is an Australian online only...

Leah, thursday 4-Jan-24 3 339 1
First dress fitting
Nikola, 2 of January of 2024 at 20:28

Hey everyone Out of curiosity how long did your first dress fitting take, my childcare has let me down so need to find someone but I don't have much flexibility with how long they're free Don't expect...

Nikola, tuesday 2-Jan-24 21
Kirsty, 2 of January of 2024 at 19:08

Has anyone used Cicinia for bridesmaid dresses? What was your experience and thoughts?

Kirsty, tuesday 2-Jan-24 17
Flat wide fit bridal shoes
Rachael, 2 of January of 2024 at 13:19

Hello I am looking for flat wide fit bridal shoes, I absolutely love these Rainbow club ones but they are too narrow for me. If anybody can suggest any shops/websites where I might find something...

Rachael, tuesday 2-Jan-24 16
Evening dress recommendations
Sammie, 2 of January of 2024 at 00:05

Hi! I am wanting to change out of my wedding dress into a short/ mini dress for the evening so it's easier to dance in. Wondering if anyone has any recommendations on any shops/ online websites that...

Sammie, tuesday 2-Jan-24 18 1
RACHEL, 6 of October of 2023 at 20:22

Hi, Realistically, do I need a handbag on my wedding day? I won't need my mobile phone and I am not bothered about touching up make up. What are other people's views please?

Lea, saturday 30-Dec-23 9 439
Mother of Groom non- high street suggestions please?
Lou, 23 of December of 2023 at 15:22

Can anyone suggest any online or independent shops to look for a MOG dress without looking like something out of Dallas or Dynasty? It's going to be a top end wedding at a posh venue in Spring so I...

Lou, saturday 23-Dec-23 10
Does this veil match the dress?
Sonia, 22 of December of 2023 at 23:13

I know the general recommendation is for the veil to be longer than the train of the dress, but I love this veil! Do you think it matches?

Sonia, friday 22-Dec-23 139
Suggestions on where to buy Detachable Sleeves
Tia, 10 of September of 2023 at 21:35

Hi! I think I've found my dress but I have my heart set on bishop sleeves which the dress is lacking. I've found some lovely ones on etsy however they are no returnable so am reluctant to buy in case...

Ivana, sunday 17-Dec-23 1 46
Luke and Jemima
Plus Size Mother of Bride
Luke and Jemima, 28 of September of 2023 at 11:40

Hello! My mum is desperately searching for her MOB outfit for our wedding in April. She is a larger lady and really wants to feel comfortable for the day, but also I know she is anxious to look good!...

Ivana, sunday 17-Dec-23 1 85
Dress stain after dress fitting
Alice, 30 of August of 2023 at 15:53

I had my first dress fitting 4 weeks ago. During the appointment, I got a sharp injury from the pins on the dress . and have a small drop of blood on the dress right in the tummy area . The staff...

Ann, wednesday 15-Nov-23 2 134
Alternative Wedding Dress
Jessica, 10 of September of 2023 at 19:48

Hello I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on where I could go to find a black wedding dress. I don’t want a traditional white wedding & set on the dress being black. Any other...

KATHRYN, thursday 9-Nov-23 15 343 1
Selling wedding dress
Chantelle, 30 of September of 2023 at 20:53

Where’s best to sell my wedding dress?

Valyria, monday 6-Nov-23 1 49
Maid of Honour/ Bridesmaids flowers
Sarah, 21 of October of 2023 at 18:28

So I’ve seen these flower rings at a few wedding shows and I’m undecided if they would be nice for my Maid of Honour and/or Bridesmaids instead of a bouquet. Any opinions? These are the ones I've...

Sharmina.Ahmed, tuesday 31-Oct-23 5 355 1
Wedding Dress Deposit overcharge
Hannah, 19 of October of 2023 at 12:30

Would be grateful for some advice. I tried on a dress in a ex- sample shop. I signed the contract in the shop which states the dress would be held at for 7 days at a cost of 10% of the dress. The...

RomanticGreenStation, friday 20-Oct-23 3 83
Looking for Seamstresses/wedding Dress Alteration Recommendations
Alissa, 14 of October of 2023 at 17:06

Hi there, I'm getting married next year and have just found my dress. I'm assuming that when it comes in I will need some alterations to the dress and addition of a hook so I can pin up my train for...

Lea, tuesday 17-Oct-23 1 69
Seamstresses in London speicalised in wedding dresses
Annafrancesca, 1 of October of 2023 at 13:39

Hello, Can anyone recommend seamstresses in London specialised in wedding dresses or any dresses? Not looking for a bridal atelier. Thank you

Annafrancesca, sunday 1-Oct-23 19
Bridesmaid Dresses
Rianna, 8 of September of 2023 at 17:01

Hello! I am really struggling with bridesmaid dresses. I have 7 bridesmaids and want them all in the same colour but to try on different styles so they're each comfortable and feel like themselves. I...

Emily, tuesday 19-Sep-23 4 205 1
Wedding Dress Shopping
Lynda, 27 of April of 2023 at 11:51

I’m getting married in May 2024 but I want to lose 3 stone by then which I put on in the last 2 years due to a back injury and becoming inactive. My friends suggest that we go wedding dress shopping...

Pauline, friday 15-Sep-23 25 554
Bridesmaid cover ups
Fiona, 12 of September of 2023 at 15:47

Hello! I'm getting married in late October in London and have five lovely bridesmaids all wearing a Rewritten wrap dress with floaty sleeves falling just above the elbow. I have been toying getting...

Alison, wednesday 13-Sep-23 7 203
Dress not flattering...
Br, 7 of September of 2023 at 19:00

Hi everyone, Wedding coming up very fast (in ten days) and I'm struggling with my wedding dress. I went to the last fitting today and realized I don't like the dress and I may have done the wrong...

Molly, wednesday 13-Sep-23 3 178 1
Dress doubts.
Terri, 14 of July of 2023 at 12:03

Hi everyone! It’s our big day in 4 weeks and I’ve recently started to have doubts about my dress 😬 I can’t stop looking at it on a picture my mum took and trying to pick out tiny little faults. I...

Lmb, wednesday 13-Sep-23 11 349
Looking for a dress
Tamara, 9 of August of 2023 at 20:03

Looking for a dress in these sort of styles. Does anyone know of any reputable shops online selling this style? (Preferably with the sleeve)

KATHRYN, wednesday 13-Sep-23 14 402
Where to buy heels?!
Leah, 3 of September of 2023 at 11:13

I'm looking at wearing heels on my wedding day, I love the Jimmy Choo's but I am reallllly trying to refrain from spending that much! So far, I've tried others from ASOS, Next and Carvela but I'm not...

Ndiike, tuesday 12-Sep-23 1 62 1

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