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You're officially married - congratulations! Here, we support each other with those last checklist tasks, such as thank you notes, name change paperwork and organising your photos. We also share our experiences as newlyweds, so don't be shy and tell us how it's going!



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Stuck for a 1st anniversary gift idea?
SunnyBlueBridesmaid84216, 12 of October of 2019 at 00:22

Traditionally, the first wedding anniversary is paper and I have seen numerous posts from panicked newlyweds looking for gift ideas so if you are stuck for paper gift ideas then visit PaperGiftCo on...

HappyBrownCars2172, tuesday 12-Nov-19 392 1
Upset with friends
LuxuriousIvoryHair68446, 4 of November of 2019 at 10:59

So we got married last month and it really was a perfect day, everything went smooth with no stress or issues. The main problem I am facing now is weird post wedding blues, mainly over the actions of...

HappyBrownCars2172, tuesday 12-Nov-19 1 442
Venue played wrong song for bride walking down the aisle
I_AM_GROOT, 13 of May of 2019 at 13:56

Hello! As you can see from the subject header, we had a massive venue fail at one of the most important parts of the wedding We only got married last saturday, and had booked the venue 18 months...

GREENWICHBRIDE2B, thursday 27-Jun-19 1,297
wedding photo album
HappyPinkDecor5791, 14 of April of 2019 at 20:15

Any advice on a good quality photo album company? Our photographer was wanting to charge £500 so we just got the photos on a USB stick. I am looking for something more like £200. We're specifically...

LoveEverlastingIndep, saturday 27-Apr-19 1 479
Post wedding banter
RomanticRedCars28204, 8 of February of 2018 at 18:22

Ok ladies! This is some post wedding banter. Well, I had a great mountain wedding but I wasn't 'in love' with my dress. I thought getting it custom made would be easy and painless which was for the...

ayeshakhan42123, thursday 19-Apr-18 2 961
Wedding photographer lost photos
LuxuriousBlueHair910, 24 of October of 2017 at 07:40

Hi everyone i would really appreciate some other people's opinion on the situation that me and my husband are now in! we got married on 22 July. We paid £575 for our photographer to take pictures of...

RomanticBrownStation, friday 17-Nov-17 1,290
Wedding Cake Collapse
Sevan, 23 of August of 2017 at 17:29

When a 4 tier wedding cake on pillars collapses 7 hours after the cake supplier set it up who is responsible. The venue, at our request added a flimsy foil topper 6 hours before the collapse. The...

MetalBride, friday 3-Nov-17 3 1,852
Wedding venue issues
HappyGreenCakes803, 13 of September of 2017 at 01:15

Hello, All I'd be grateful for a sanity check and some advice! So I got married in the early summer, and had a great day, but there were some issues with the venue, mainly after the event. Ours was a...

MrsPtoB, tuesday 19-Sep-17 1,196
Held hands walking down the aisle
RomanticPinkDecor768, 17 of April of 2017 at 02:49

Hi all I got married a month ago. It was a beautiful day at Parklands Quendon Hall. We tried to follow tradition but keep the day fun and quirky too. Anyway, when my Dad and I were about to walk down...

RomanticBrownCakes68, sunday 11-Jun-17 3 4,200
I hate how I look on my wedding photos
SunnyYellowDiamonds582, 12 of September of 2016 at 08:41

After being married 2 months I finally received my wedding photos and I am starting to regret all the decisions I made from the wedding , from the bridesmaids dresses to the colour scheme , due to...

Mywedddingmyday, friday 4-Nov-16 10 19,240
My wedding day was a disaster
SunnyOrangeDecor693, 9 of October of 2016 at 08:37

Hi, Il try and keep this as short as possible and not hire you with he intricate details. My husband and I got married last year. It was a very stressful time as weddings always are but we had two...

lucyjo, thursday 13-Oct-16 1 2,583
Wedding Album Printing
HappyBlueConfetti257, 1 of June of 2016 at 11:46

Hi all, I do plan on doing a wedding report, I just haven't had time to sit down and write it just yet! I just have one question, I'm in the process of researching photo albums. I'm a designer, so am...

SunnyBrownStationery, monday 25-Jul-16 2 1,921
MIL issues
Elsie81, 27 of November of 2015 at 17:11

I got married in May, but even before we tied the knot, I’ve always felt a bit of hostility from my now MIL. My husband proposed to me after 14 months, which his mum had termed ‘too soon’. She really...

Mosiedose, friday 8-Jan-16 8 2,296
Photographer didnt show up - how to deal with him?
lindabelle66, 4 of October of 2015 at 10:46

Hi All We got married on Tuesday 29th September, a very small affair. We had booked and paid for in full a professional photographer to meet us at a fabulous venue on the afternoon of our wedding to...

Neil Walker Photogra, thursday 10-Dec-15 12 4,751
Who to inform when you get married?
slbarber, 7 of March of 2015 at 16:18

Hi all, Wonder if I can get some advice? I changed my name when I got married so have informed all companies, insurance offices, tax office etc. of my name change. My husband isn't changing his name,...

pammy67, thursday 26-Mar-15 3 1,902
Family fallout the week before the wedding
eliz_r, 31 of August of 2014 at 10:09

My OH and I got married earlier this month. It was a stressful run up to the wedding as we were both so busy, and we had his parents staying with us for the week before. Four days before the wedding,...

SunnyOrangeFlowers21, sunday 31-Aug-14 1,222
Poll - How Long was your Wedding Breakfast?
CristaMB, 18 of July of 2014 at 23:07

I've told my venue that the meal and speeches won't take longer than 2 hours (3 speeches - 1 of them's more of a toast - won't be longer than 30 minutes & meal is 3 courses) but they insist it...

ClaireD*, friday 22-Aug-14 8 2,117
How long did you wait for marriage certificate
gill03, 6 of May of 2014 at 18:27

Hi all, We have recently got married and wondered when the marriage certificate arrived? Thanks for your help

ClaireD*, wednesday 11-Jun-14 4 2,711
Venue threw away my cake
Jaime37, 12 of December of 2013 at 16:07

Hey all I'm just wanting a little advice and just wondering what you think about my situation? We got married on 30 November and had a wonderful day, everything went really well, but we'd arranged for...

Jaime37, thursday 12-Dec-13 804
Formally Yours Suit Hire - reviews needed
MrsB2be_xo, 29 of July of 2013 at 11:44

Hiya I've just put an order in with Formally Yours Suit Hire for our wedding next April and just wondered if anybody used them for their wedding? I can cancel if it is that bad lol but just wanted a...

MrsB2be_xo, monday 29-Jul-13 863
Selling your wedding dress
Bronzedg, 9 of June of 2013 at 18:44

Hiya i got married in feb & am looking at selling my wedding dress its a 1950's tea length so really popular at the min does anyone know of any good websites in which i could sell it on its a well...

MarkSharma, saturday 13-Jul-13 3 1,591
Getting Wedding Dress cleaned and boxed
MegMog, 23 of March of 2013 at 10:28

We got married at the beginning of the month and it got pretty grubby round the bottom so I need to get it cleaned and boxed up ready to be put in the loft! My dress cost £500 so not mega expensive...

tayto, thursday 18-Apr-13 988
1st wedding anniversary gift help!!
SarB, 5 of August of 2012 at 14:26

Hello everyone, Well unbelievably I've been married nearly a whole year and it's flown by!! I'm stuck on what to get H for an anniversary gift though!! I know the 1st anniversary is paper but other...

sian-tiffany, thursday 1-Nov-12 6 1,734
Angels Films Ltd - Stevi Glasspell - Has anyone used them?
vivaespana, 6 of August of 2010 at 21:58

Hello, Has anyone used the above videographer for their wedding? Did you have any issues with them? I used them for my wedding in March and they are now uncontactable, phone just rings and rings, no...

diliphirani, wednesday 26-Sep-12 92 22,370
Selling wedding dress
ktdude, 22 of February of 2012 at 12:22

Hi everyone, I hope you can help - I've made the difficult decision to sell my wedding dress. The wedding has left us somewhat short of money and I could really use some extra cash, I've had the dress...

Beckii Cruel, friday 3-Aug-12 14 4,206
Wedding photos from our UK and Bangkok weddings
DecemberBride, 10 of February of 2012 at 19:24

I'm not very good at writing so won't be doing a long reports but would love to share some pictures of our special days with you. A little bit about us & our days: We decided to get married in..., monday 4-Jun-12 17 2,958
Why are brides so annoying!?
ykbn, 30 of May of 2012 at 02:09

My auntie is getting married this Saturday and I am a bridesmaid. However, she has really started to annoy me. Fair enough, planning a wedding is very stressful and she has lost a lot of weight due...

ykbn, wednesday 30-May-12 180
He Called Off The Wedding...?
drygfd, 26 of May of 2012 at 13:18

My fiance's aunt is a tyrant, to say the least. If there's gossip, she's the root of it. If there's rumors, she's starting them, and lying to add to them. If something can be even remotely interpreted...

drygfd, saturday 26-May-12 63
Removed by user: Bad review for a wedding photographer :(
Kenly, 9 of March of 2012 at 18:24

Hi, this post has now been removed by me.

Kenly, friday 9-Mar-12 705
I am finally a married Mrs Purser! :) FLASH
Laubar, 6 of August of 2011 at 09:49

I am so over the moon that we are married! The day went beautifully. I was so concerned i would get all emotional and get my usual red rash on my chest (ever time i get excited, happy, nervous,...

zheshi, tuesday 3-Jan-12 16 4,296
Is anyone wearing palladium and platinum rings together?
Kerryd1175, 2 of January of 2012 at 18:19

Hi, I have a platinum engagement ring and am trying to reduce costs for the wedding by choosing a palladium wedding ring. I've read that this shouldn't be a problem as the metals are very similar, but...

Kerryd1175, monday 2-Jan-12 552
Wholesale Men BapeSta Shoes
weichen08506, 26 of August of 2011 at 09:24 One of the principal reasons you ca free get satisfaction from heading designer with Gucci...

weichen08506, friday 26-Aug-11 32

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