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Beginner May 2024 Cambridgeshire

When to start actually planning

Shelbie, 19 May 2022 at 20:58 Posted on Planning 1 10
Hi guys,
Just a quick question when would you start planning for your wedding? I’ve booked our wedding for May 2024 at our local church. My question is when would you order/book ceremony venue for example - we’re having marquee in the backyard…
Then it’s then flowers, catering and entertainment for the event? Would you say to do it when you have hit the year countdown or would you do it now??? Thanks Smiley smile

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Latest activity by Michelle, 21 May 2022 at 22:08
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    Dedicated August 2023 South Yorkshire
    Sloufish ·
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    We booked our venue in March 2021 for August 2023 and within the next few months I had booked the registrar and catering and by August a whole 2yrs before the wedding I had bought my dress haha 🤣 I have no patience and want to be organised (read I am far too giddy).

    S x
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  • Sophy
    Beginner September 2023 Wiltshire
    Sophy ·
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    We booked out venue in November 2021 for our wedding in September 2023. Over the last few months I have booked florist, hair and make up, caterers, cake and some transport and photographer. Booking early we have managed to get some deals with the suppliers or I have managed to get in before they have increased their prices. Just something worth to think about instead if waiting!
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  • AJX
    Dedicated April 2024 West Yorkshire
    AJX ·
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    Our wedding is booked for April 2024, we have the church booked, the evening venue, florist, photographer, cake and catering secured (just need to do final menus etc but not yet!). I would much rather have everything booked super early because i'm a planner and need to know things are sorted haha! x

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  • L
    Dedicated September 2023 Derbyshire
    Lizzie ·
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    I've booked photographer, venue (they do the catering etc themselves. Must get on to their resident DJ and check we are booked in with them too), talked to venue dressing company, registrar, and hair and make-up. Working on cake (want a cheese cake, rather than a traditional one), and my dress (I have the pattern, just need to find the right colour material!)

    My thinking was: after the past 2 years, a lot of people are going to be getting married and having celebrations (if they want - it isn't for everyone!) so I wanted to get in before everyone gets booked up.

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  • Sarah
    Rockstar June 2023 Worcestershire
    Sarah ·
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    We get married June 23 and booked our venue June 21, by the end of 2021 we had booked our venue dresser, cake, photographer, hair & make up, transport. I also bought my wedding dress August last year off the peg. Nothing like being organized if you know what you wants or want specific suppliers/things. x

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  • Yorkshirelass
    Expert July 2022 Surrey
    Yorkshirelass ·
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    We got engaged in Nov 2020 and booked our venue (catering included) in Jan 2021 for a wedding this July, they had all availability at the time as things were not even open yet and we didn't even view the venue in person until April 2021 after Covid restrictions were lifted. I am a planner too and I think I had all suppliers such as florist, car, DJ, cake, photographer booked by March 2021. I contacted them all again a few months ago to make sure they were still in business after these awful 2 years, thankfully they were and are all super busy as wedding season has started back with a vengeance!

    So in my opinion, it is never too early! Good luck.

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  • Jane
    Dedicated June 2022 Bristol
    Jane Online ·
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    We got engaged in March 2021 and the wedding is in 5 weeks and a day (eek!). So didn’t have a huge amount of time compared to some people (but more than others - my friend went from proposal to wedding in ~6weeks!).
    If you want to be organised and start booking now then why not! Id recommend you focus on things where the person/people can only do one wedding at a time - photographer/band etc. personally, things like cake dont need organising as a priority because you dont need a specific individual to be free on a specific date!
    Hope it all goes well!
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  • R
    Super July 2020 Monmouthshire
    RomanticGreenStationery27135 ·
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    If you already have a date and ceremony location booked, I would start looking at other suppliers now. Popular florists, photographers, caterers etc can often get booked up a couple of years in advance, especially at popular times of the year. You'd probably have a fair bit of choice getting married on a Wednesday in January but might not find availability so widespread if you're looking at a May Saturday.

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  • Ostira
    Dedicated October 2023 Durham
    Ostira ·
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    If you already have your date booked with your church, I’d say it’s the perfect time to start researching your reception venue and book that also, especially if it’s popular time of the year! They get booked up well in advance even more so since COVID weddings have resumed this year! Our wedding is October next year and it’s been all go
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  • M
    VIP July 2023 Cheshire
    Michelle ·
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    Booking now is fine as long as you check with all your suppliers and others that you will need to see if they will book that far in advance especially with covid its hard to say if they can manage to stay in business xx💗
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