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Manners matter! From addessing envelopes to wedding dress codes, we'll help you navigate wedding etiquette questions so you are ready to handle every situation with grace.



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Payments for photography
Cazpot88, 20 of February of 2024 at 18:01

Hey beauts, need some advice We found a photographer on Facebook who charge different amounts depending on how many hours you want They've already sent me their bank details for the deposit, which is...

Lissette_Petrie, tuesday 27-Feb-24 71
Gifts for parents of the groom?
Emily, 9 of February of 2024 at 11:12

Anyone any ideas on gifts for parents of the groom? I'm sorted for my parents as they have more of a significant role on the day, but struggling to come up with something for my future in-laws....

Melissa, monday 26-Feb-24 1 69
Singing waiters planned as a surprise
Lauren, 23 of October of 2023 at 13:28

I just want to get everyone’s thoughts on this. I’ve just found out that my in-laws have booked singing waiters for our wedding day and they hadn’t asked us beforehand. We’re having a small and...

Brendan, sunday 25-Feb-24 8 365
2025 wedding
Carlene, 23 of January of 2024 at 09:44

Hi beauts, I need reassurance over something Me and my fiance are planning to get married in March 2025, we got engaged on Boxing Day My cousin and his fiancee are getting married June of that year...

Leanne, friday 23-Feb-24 18 740
Seating Plans
Amy, 15 of February of 2024 at 15:58

Can you all tell me how you are doing your seating plans for the top table for a small wedding please? We are having a maximum of 30 people for our ceremony and wedding breakfast and then up to 100...

Samantha, monday 19-Feb-24 3 73
Canapés or no canapés?
Laura, 16 of February of 2024 at 19:01

Would love some advice please! I’m getting married in May 2024. We’re having a sunset wedding meaning that the ceremony starts at 19:30. We’re all to be seated for the wedding breakfast for 21:00....

Sammy, monday 19-Feb-24 2 50
Un Ask Groomsmem
Phoebe, 29 of January of 2024 at 18:04

Hi, I’m in a dilemma. My partner has asked 2 of his mates to be groomsmen. We used to spend a lot of time with them and their girlfriends but recently they have started spending a lot of time without...

Expensivepurplecars4, saturday 17-Feb-24 3 156
i don’t want my mums husband at my wedding… help?
Alice, 5 of February of 2024 at 23:02

The title may sound harsh, so let me explain. I’m 25, engaged to be married in spring 2026 of my partner of (currently) just over 6.5 years. I have a rather small family, only one half sibling I see...

Alice, wednesday 14-Feb-24 2 117
Bridesmaid - unsure on 1
Lucy, 12 of February of 2024 at 14:47

Hi Everyone, I am having a small (50-60) destination wedding and I am set on having 2 Bridesmen (family) and 1 MOH (closest friend) My fiance is only having his bestman and no groomsmen. Now I have 1...

Leanne, tuesday 13-Feb-24 2 79
Bridesmaids - Not Wanting Too Many But Scared to Disappoint! Any Nice Tips?
Lucy, 12 of February of 2024 at 23:26

Hi all, I'm currently in the process of planning my wedding for September 25, I haven't asked any of my friends to be bridesmaids yet but I have a few big groups of friends (some from home, some from...

RomanticGreenStation, tuesday 13-Feb-24 1 63
Venue menu change
Jade, 11 of February of 2024 at 22:52

Hi. Jw, has anyone had a venue change their menu after booking with them? Appreciate advice. TIA We booked in October and today whilst showing photos to a relative from the venue website, I noticed a...

Jade, sunday 11-Feb-24 21
Menu change!
Jade, 11 of February of 2024 at 22:38

Hi. Jw, has anyone had a venue change their menu after booking with them? Appreciate advice. TIA We booked in October and today whilst showing photos to a relative from the venue website, I noticed a...

Jade, sunday 11-Feb-24 16
Flower Preservation - Destination Wedding
Jessica, 5 of February of 2024 at 15:56

Hi! I’m getting married in St Lucia in May this year and I’d like to get my bouquet preserved if possible. Does anybody have any advice on this as my wedding takes place 6 days before I fly home and...

RomanticGreenStation, wednesday 7-Feb-24 1 27
Plus one situation
Alison, 30 of January of 2024 at 21:12

FHs usher was in a relationship up until quite recently. His previous partner was very much invited to our wedding. When they split up and she said she wasn’t coming anymore we were able to invite...

Michelle, sunday 4-Feb-24 3 101
Advice on what to do leading upto and on wedding day.
Jade, 8 of January of 2024 at 23:33

I am 21 years old and quite clueless any tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Jade, thursday 1-Feb-24 9 269
Buffet reception
Sandie, 27 of January of 2024 at 22:35

Do I do a table plan for seating or just let people sit wherever they want to? Do I do napkins with napkin holders or not? Please help as only been to weddings with sit down meal, which is totally...

Ajx, thursday 1-Feb-24 3 65
Pricing for onsite accomodation
Genevieve, 26 of January of 2024 at 16:04

Hello, Our wedding venue has 8 "glamping" huts (each sleep 2 people) and a campsite for tents/campers that we have exclusive use of. We've paid £750 to reserve the whole thing on the night of our...

RomanticGreenStation, wednesday 31-Jan-24 1 33
a few questions in 1 post
Amy, 29 of January of 2024 at 16:05

Hello, I got engaged in December and we have booked our wedding for July 2025. I have absolutely no idea about these things as I've only ever been to two weddings when I was a child. I have a daughter...

RomanticGreenStation, wednesday 31-Jan-24 1 58
Hen do
Chloe, 24 of January of 2024 at 20:17

Hi girls I’m just after a bit of hen do advice really as it’s really stressing me out 😩 I have 4 bridesmaids and one of them is mainly dealing with organising the hen do. We’d all originally said...

RomanticGreenStation, sunday 28-Jan-24 3 155
Digital Invites yes or no?
Laura, 27 of September of 2023 at 15:27

Digital Invitations, yes or no? I feel they are more sustainable, easier to send as I don't know half the addresses and linkable to the wedding website for RSVP?

Genevieve, friday 26-Jan-24 8 354 2
Secretly married now planning a wedding - help!
Hallie.sullivan, 16 of January of 2024 at 03:33

My partner and I got married a few years ago at a registry office in order for us to get a visa sorted to live and work abroad in New York. We had been together for 7 years already so knew we were...

Genevieve, friday 26-Jan-24 5 169
Cancelling wedding how to tell guests
Rosie, 25 of January of 2024 at 08:38

Hello, unfortunately we have decided to cancel our wedding which was meant to be in June this year for a variety of reasons but mainly as my fiance and I are just not getting on anymore and it doesn't...

RomanticGreenStation, thursday 25-Jan-24 2 141
Ring order
Molly, 24 of July of 2023 at 09:51

Hi all quick questions! Before the ceremony do I take my engagement ring off and just wear wedding band? Then also which order do my rings go in? Engagement ring first then wedding ring or is it the...

Little, wednesday 24-Jan-24 9 450
Should i have my Fiancé's sisters as bridesmaids?
Katie, 14 of January of 2024 at 11:25

Is it the standard thing to do?

Shay, wednesday 17-Jan-24 3 99
Sam, 14 of January of 2024 at 20:41

Hi there, just after some advice. we have booked our wedding for 2025 and are just at the stage of sending invites out. our venue is in a barn and on the grounds are multiple cottages/cabins where...

RomanticGreenStation, wednesday 17-Jan-24 1 71
Husband and baby only invited to evening do
B2B2023, 15 of January of 2024 at 14:13

As background, one of my closest friends is getting married this summer. Its a weekday and her package only includes x number of day guests so any additional guests need to be paid for separately....

RomanticGreenStation, wednesday 17-Jan-24 5 212
Sil being a nightmare already
Alex, 11 of January of 2024 at 09:54

Just needing to vent really but please feel free to share your own in law to be dramas! SiL is come from the USA where she has lived the last 16 years. She’s become very Americanised, we have been...

RomanticGreenStation, wednesday 17-Jan-24 6 231
Asking bridesmaids to help...
Holly, 2 of January of 2024 at 13:37

Hello All, I'm very early in my wedding planning so haven't officially asked anyone to be part of my bridal party yet. At the moment I would love to have 6 people in my bridal party (My niece, future...

SunnyPurpleFlowers85, wednesday 10-Jan-24 1 64
Hen do worries
Danielle, 16 of October of 2023 at 17:07

Hi all, after a bit of advice. Feel like my Family are taking over 😅 apologies for the long rant! I very much want my hen do to be a surprise in terms of planning and stuff other then knowing where we...

Danielle, monday 8-Jan-24 5 295
No all?
Erica, 18 of October of 2023 at 10:21

Hi All As we have been together a long time and have everything we need, and money is tight for people we have decided that we do not want to ask for any gifts for our wedding, including cash. Has...

Judith, sunday 7-Jan-24 6 288
Family pregnancy announcement
Nicholas, 5 of January of 2024 at 08:44

Hi I’m looking for some advice. My fiancé and I are planning a September wedding in France mainly with family and some of our friends. His family will be travelling over from Canada. We have found a...

Nicholas, friday 5-Jan-24 47
Wedding on Christmas Eve - how much food it too much food?
Camille, 2 of January of 2024 at 20:41

Hi all, we are planning to get married on Christmas Eve. It will be a very small event (only 11 guests - 9 adults and 2 children) Everybody was already coming to ours for Christmas so it is a great...

Camille, tuesday 2-Jan-24 21

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